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By SV Discovery

Have you ever dreamed about sailing or even chartering your own sailboat for a once in a lifetime vacation?  Do you want to learn sailing but have little to no experience? Do you have no earthly idea where to start at all?  Online education is a great way to dive into making this goal a reality.

NauticEd, an internationally recognized sailing and education program, can provide you with invaluable practical knowledge through interactive learning techniques.  Making this offering even more appealing is the ability to complete the coursework on your own time, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home through an innovative online resource.  By combining what you’ve learned with the ability to gain hands-on experience by connecting with NauticEd affiliated sailing schools you can be on the water and confidently sailing in no time.

Access to NED is provided FREE to the world courtesy of NauticEd.org

Sailing Apps
Interactive tools like the NauticEd Sailing Simulator and NauticEd Sailing Games, help students to master concepts that are often perplexing and difficult to grasp because of the added pressure to perform while actually on the boat.  Utilizing the simulator allows one to learn real world concepts without the stress of worrying about making an expensive or dangerous mistake while on the water.  Resources like these, compared to trying to grasp concepts solely through reading them in a book, can definitely help demystify both basic and advanced sailing skills.

Digital Sailing Log
A key perk to the program is a cloud-based digital logbook detailing completed coursework, hands-on sailing hours and practical training.  This personal resource is updated automatically and is always at your fingertips to review or relay your growing expertise as a sailor.  It is also possible to enhance credibility by obtaining a verified proficiency stamp by demonstrating your skill through one of the NauticEd Approved instructors.  If you are looking to rent a boat to sail on your own, a comprehensive log accurately listing your sailing expertise is a requirement of most charter companies around the world. Once you’ve signed up and taken one of NauticEd’s courses, you have lifetime access to your own digital sailing logbook.

Charter Certification
By following the coursework guidelines and completing the necessary training, you can pass the International Certificate of Confidence (ICC)— the only true sailing license for recreational boaters.

Tiered Learning
Different bundles of material and coursework allow both inexperienced and veteran sailors to learn or brush up on all the sailing skills needed to master different ranks and levels [Qualified Crew, Skipper, Bareboat Charter Master and Captain] depending on what you would like to achieve.

Linkage to Practical Hands-on Learning
NauticEd has also partnered with sailing schools all over the world to help find accredited resources to achieve and verify practical hands-on sailing experience.  Combining both interactive coursework and the necessary component of real world sailing experience, you’ll be on your way to achieving you dreams of sailing into the sunset.

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SV Discovery

SV Discovery is a 2016 Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 sailing catamaran available for charter in St. Thomas, USVI.

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